About Tim


One of the most prominent members of Miami’s exclusive fitness community for over 20 years, Tim melds a Midwestern work ethic with the flair that can only come from living in America’s most international city. His knowledge of the body – and particularly the spine – is unparalleled, and has allowed him to work effectively with clients ranging from celebrities looking for that edge on the red carpet, to mature clients recovering from rehabilitative surgeries, to elite athletes in a variety of sports. No matter who he is training, Tim brings that spark that helps every client progress while both learning and having fun.

Tim has also used his talents to manage and mentor other trainers. Nine years at an exclusive Miami club allowed him to build a team of extraordinary young trainers, assisting them in all phases of their development. During his tenure, client satisfaction – and sales – went through the roof! He grew a team that was constantly improving, increasing in both numbers and strength, creating fitness programs that integrated their growing knowledge about the body and how best to improve its functionality.

In addition to being a master personal trainer and fitness manager, Tim also enjoys cycling (indoor and outdoor), TRX, stand up paddle boarding, cooking and finding great new music to enjoy.


“I believe that the least personal training can do is improve your life; the most it can do is SAVE IT.  I’m here to make YOU happen.” — Tim Sitz